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Senior Film Project 2018

Etude is my final senior film with a team of 5. We collaborated with a handful of musicians and professional ballerinas for this film. I was Director, story lead, animator, and layout artist. Other responsibilities were also creating the color scripts, early character concepts and story moments. Etude has over 20 festival selections and awards/recognition's such as:

Blue Plum Animation Festival "Best Student Animation" 2018

After Hours Film Society "Award of Excellence" 2018

Pollino Film Festival  "Best Animation Short Film"  2018

 Florida Animation Festival "Best 2D Animation" 2019

For more information follow us at:


  • Facebook - Grey Circle

End of Day

Hitrecord Showcase 2017

HitRecord is an open collaborative company, where people come together to work on production. For End of Day, I  worked along side a team of seven other people. I acted as the lead concept artist, key animator, and was one of the resident director of illustration.

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